Montag, 19. April 2010


hi lads,
my thesis is done. i thank all the guys at the seat design center for their support!   
                                                                                                                                   RELOAD- Sustainable Sportiness
My diploma thesis is a car´s interior based on the SEAT Léon platform and
has been created in co- operation with SEAT.
The car is electronically propulsed and the basic layout is characterized by
explicit driver orientation and 2+2 seats.
The Important question in my project is how sustainability can be communicated
within the automotive sector and at the same time dispenses the
actual dogmata for sustainable design.
An icon for new sporty but sustainable potency and a new way of sensual
perception must be created, also the new technology should be staged:
This is achieved by an iconic layout and an extended interface.
The concept divides itself into the above-named emotional aspects and on
the other hand the functional aspects to make e-mobility possible.
These would be a battery changing system and charging stations, inspired
by the infrastructuresystems of „Better Place“.
here are some sketches, there are more to come.

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